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We Start With Secure

Operational excellence starts with policies and procedures that provide for streamlined, efficient, and predictable development, deployment and management of both infrastructure and applications.

Security requirements need to be inherent to infrastructure automation, system builds and ongoing operations — a prerequisite, not an afterthought.

The OpStack Way

Automation is Smart Business

There are just too many applications, containers, and servers in the world to administer them one at a time. Whether you are deploying servers and applications in a data center, a private cloud, or a public cloud, automating your operations function is now necessary for success. The OpStack team of experienced practitioners has successfully automated operations for top 10 banks, big 4 accounting firms, billion dollar SaaS providers, and Fortune 100 e-commerce sites.

OpStack Automates

The Stack Builder

The OpStack team has worked with dozens of software languages, tools, and packages in automating operations as employees of a half-dozen different firms over the last 15 years. Some lessons can only be learned by hands on experience and successful trial-and-error.

The OpStack Stack Builder builds on the best available open source languages and components to simplify the automation of processes across both our customers in-house and cloud infrastructure assets. By providing a framework and common set of tools, the orchestration of complex processes across disciplines becomes straight-forward and manageable.

The Stack Builder

Featured Stack Secure Virtual

OpStack Inc. has developed a quickly deployable and scalable solution that delivers a secure environment configured to meet your organization’s needs to access internal systems and information — and do so in conformance with your policies. The solution will enable you to quickly scale-up and scale-down any number of users to work remotely in as little as 5 days.

No retraining of your personnel is required — the on-demand workspace is connected to your existing IT resources (e.g. Exchange, Business Applications, Sharepoint, Office etc) allowing your people to work as if they were in the office. Engineering a custom solution that is secure and reliable is complex and can be expensive, but OpStack has already done the hard work and has launched Secure Virtual Desktop on Azure.

The Secure Virtual Desktop “SVD” stack is a cost effective way to allow enterprise workers to securely work from any location. Leveraging cloud compute, network, monitoring, and VPN connectivity; SVD enables employees to to be productive with the data, tools and controls of your existing environment — but do so from their own homes without the need to purchase and implement company owned laptops, endpoint VPNs, or costly virtual desktop infrastructure.

Within 5 days of the rapid assessment completion, we will configure and deploy fully functional, cloud-based secure virtual desktops, giving you the ability to expand and contract the number of out-of-the-office workstations needed based on your organization’s changing needs.

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The Stackers

We hate repetitive work — we want to minimize it in our lives and the lives of our customers. OpStack team members have successfully automated operations for top 10 banks, big 4 accounting firms, billion dollar SaaS providers, and Fortune 100 e-commerce sites.

We’ve evaluated the available technologies, defined the critical processes, and refined the OpStack approach across a wide range of technology architectures and platforms. The fundamentals of operations automation are a solved problem — this lets OpStack apply them to client-specific challenges and opportunities.

Evan Bauer
Evan Bauer Partner & Chief Stacker
John Bush
John Bush Partner & The Packager
David Kennedy
David Kennedy Partner & The Midnight Coder
Ray Ramirez
Ray Ramirez Partner & The Problem Solver
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Jered Sutton Partner & The Source
Jared Trog
Jared Trog Partner & The Ninja
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Amauri Viguera Partner & The Diplomat
Chuck Kelley
Chuck Kelley Stacker & The Data Guru

Our Partners

OpStack was formed because we like and trust each other. Nothing is of more importance to a successful business than working with the right people.

When it comes to partnerships, that’s even more crucial. The teams and technologies you work with can make or break your customer, your business, your prosperity, and by extension, your well-being.

Open Source

We formed OpStack to be different. We believe that having an open bond with others builds valuable relationships. In addition to our partners above, we work with and participate actively in the community.

These communities are important sources of technical innovation, helping many firms develop successful market and profit strategies. We are strong supporters, beneficiaries and contributors of open source and open source projects.


Whether this is sharing our code in the Open Source community or donating back to our local communities gives us a deeper sense of belonging and makes us all stronger.

OpStack partners formed the company with the knowledge that a workplace that encourages giving back is better for everyone—including those who’ll follow in our footsteps.